Ken Yost is the principal associate of Kenneth Yost and
Associates. He has over three decades of experience in
designing and building trade show exhibits, displays,
architectural furnishings and models. Ken is equally at ease
working on the digital drawing board or in the shop. The
frenetic activity of a trade show set-up is familiar territory as is
a conference room filled with attorneys or members of a
marketing team.

With the unique perspective of the Bauhaus tradition,
acquired with a BS degree in Industrial Design from the
Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, Ken brings
to all of his creative work a thorough knowledge and
understanding of engineering principles and aesthetics. He
served on the faculty of the California Institute of the Arts and  
Arizona State University College of Architecture. More recently
he has worked for major companies such as American Hoist
and Derrick, Heritage Display, AmClyde Engineered Products
and National Oilwell.

Since mid 2003 Ken has returned his full time attention to
continuing his freelance business and offering a full range of
services to discerning clients.
Imagination, innovation and attention to detail are our trademarks
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