Motion and being able to interact with a
display attracts attention and helps to
demonstrate a product's best features.
Kenneth Yost and Associates designs,
engineers and builds unique,
aesthetically pleasing, self-contained
interactive and self-running motion
Enlarged version of the client's product container
showing an oversized pliers "dipping" in and out
of the mock product. The electro/mechanical
components are housed in the display base.
The "Carrot Robot"... a battery run radio
controlled robot with remote voice
system for interactive contact with the
viewer. The ice chest dispensed samples
of the client's "Baby Carrots".
A display that demonstrated various
configurations of the client's modular
sign and traffic feedback devices. The
back side featured large lighted photo
panels. The electrical and computer
components were completely contained
inside the display.
An interactive display comparing three
different types of hydraulic hose couplings
which operated on compressed air and
included an oil pumping system.
Self-contained comparative display with
a built in water trickle system