Kenneth Yost and Associates is known for its superbly crafted precision scale models. Painstaking
attention to detail is the hallmark of all of our models, many of which are fully animated.
Abstract model of Brooklyn Bridge
inside of a clear acrylic apple. The
apple was sponsored by the Best Buy
Corporation for the 2004 Big Apple
Fest in New York City
Twenty times scale model
of computer chip
Detail of a complete bagging system. The model
was constructed primarily of brass and included
over 10,000 pieces
Miniature rope fittings
and yes, they actually
Solid brass presentation
model of a crane hook.
1:16 fully animated model demonstarted how the container and
electrical house would be efficiently off-loaded at a site
This crane operator's chair project included the
design and full scale models of the control consoles
Other crane models
Model of an oil rig and mud
pumping system. The model
included miniature lighting and an
integral fluid pump to show the flow
of the mud
More Details
More Details
New crane model
added May 2008
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The AmClyde Model 37
portal crane model